Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Thirsting Mind

First glance, like you knew what you can do to my chill
First touch, I was eager for your deep erotic thrill
Pleasant presence of sexy that intended to pull me towards Mr. Undeniable
Hunger of a soul on edge, my mouth discovered the insatiable.

Earth took me back to the dark pockets of strangers in doubt
My craving was like glowing embers of scavenger in drought
Wetting erotic? I ached for the arch of your control
Sandy penetration? My thirsting mind was on a roll.

How soft my skin feels with a touch here a stroke there
How you cast a spell upon my well hung wayward heart, unfair
How I swim in your ocean of mental tides
Swirling in your vigour, oh the pleasurable rides

Does my tongue crush yours, take you to places we can only go together?
If we remove each layer of ourselves and take route into each other
Should I call you return my desire?
Does my touch awaken your every smouldering fire?

Trust my fingers to find the strings to my favorite instrument in the night
Lots in common, satisfied emotions don't put up a fight
You deftly climb the walls that enclose me to perfection
The flesh falls into a moment of weakness, carving emotion.

As our limbs melt into each other, are you thee one?
Still frames cannot capture that leaps on my face when I'm done
A place is set in the enchanting darkness, Immersed in streams of verse
More than words softly spoken, I lose myself in reverse.

Perhaps fantasies seem so real than reality
So let me dine there
Entrapped within the soft sheet whispers that cover my sanity
Let me Live there.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Future Ex

"It's not you, it's me"
Say this to me
And i'll slap the hell out of your brain
For the stress you left on my chest, i harbour this much pain,

Show me a sign, are you out here?
Can you whisper back to my left ear
The three soft gentle words for the right to hear?

My warped sense of humor needs a place to hide that's near
Meet me halfway
Watch out for the stray bullets coming your way
Show me the password to your heart
I'll show you how to get aquainted to my hurt

Can you please not have hips or an ass
I have more than enough for the both of us
My odd interests; the reasons the 6month mark i shall not pass
An array of dishes; the cooking of pick-ons defines this Afro lass

The romantic pot you piss on will be yanked from right under you
I'm not designed for someone else, not that it's anything new
Fally does some things to my body
Endeavour to learn how to wind your waist mr somebody....

Or a life size picture of Fally will be stuck in our bedroom
Come sweep the effin* bug with the tethered broom
Thrilling riveting memories we've moulded with the tactful zoom
If that sex tape lands in the wrong hands... Can you spell out doom?

Tweet me back, show me your bucket list for this age
It escaped my memory that i was locked in fantasy's cage
Feed me wrappers or feed me tweets
We silently muffle moans that keep resonating from our heartbeats

The more you get all riled up about your football loses
The more i get all worn out from the silly willy doses
This extra baggage needed out of the window tosses
The thought of me as an addition is surely not a bed of roses

Our liason proved not to be a box of chocolate
Was stuck with you whilst blaming fate
I'm stronger coz i kept you around longer
Heard you rumor monger to keep your esteem stronger

I throw away the last of you- Garbage in Garbage out
Consequence now rips me off the least benefit of doubt
Now you know how it feels to chase wind around and about
Never wait on me, i'm the town's loathe tout

The weight in me has been lifted off my shoulders
Lend me back my heart to store it in loathe folders
My new found guilty pleasure -> tight toned rectus abdominis
Dear future Ex, please do not find me, adios!

Monday, April 4, 2011

This Twitter Stalker

He texts me "hey writer
I am following you on Twitter"
I call him, but it's a female voice on the receiving end "sorry the mobile subscriber.."
Ha! Like i could even bribe her
He retweets my everything wow
He retweets my December tweets now

He steals tweets too
I don't mulika mwizi though
Only 2 followers - Snaptu and some paediatric Belieber
He follows @Jesus_M_Christ and @JustinBieber
Asks me to follow him, i follow back, he unfollows
Dude says he's drowning his sorrows

I once asked him if he was the same facebook stalker i blocked
He denied and cursed that he only gets cock blocked
Said he was looking at Lupe Fiasco's photo and my name was on the tab
Said twitter suggested he follows me coz i was fab

He tweets #teamfollowback every morning
I ask, is twitter stalking as acceptable as facebook stalking?
Do the creep
He lols and gets cremated in every tweet what a tweep

Never says hi but always ready to Retweet my TYPO
Tweets 24/7 via web, the psycho
Must be having webbed ass from all the debshitting sitting
How many hours does he spend on my feed, no kidding
He calls me the Queen of drama llama
This must be my other madcap ex, oh the karma

No, that one must have skipped twitter fever
Niccar leave me alone, go stalk Bieber
He has three Public lists worth tell
All following @writel
Creepy uncle i can feel my creeper senses tingling
Bet you have multiple accounts? Not winning

It is twitter, we semi-stalk
But not him, is he a 'demigod?'
Changed his twitter handle one time
And tweeted me #heyyoubehindthebushes
I blocked him.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Night Gadget

Strangers by day.. rangers by dark,
A sudden wave of euphoria,
Blessed her soul and left her bare,
I could tell she wasn't pleased,
Her voice spoke of women of the night,
Who walked with a chest of emotions,
Yet afforded a bag of smiles,

Behind her back was a man with a high,
He brought nothing to the table,
Apart from a rock-like reverie,
Of fantasies that wipe down all of earth's sanity,
She was trodden,
Her house full of scattered seeds,
Her shoes smelt of dung but she rubbed it on his face,

They swore to burn the midnight oil,
Passionate legs never had their sole moment,
The East- West distance grew apart,
I could hear the voice within her cries,
Her pose implored for poise,
That was not to be,
Dark cloaks, their future was bleak,
She found solace in the dark,

A pleasurable painful piercing,
Her wounds were opened, again,
She told herself, it's just this once,
He kept pushing her back and forth,
Fatigue was quite evident,
The fat lady wasn't ready to sing just yet,

Birds refused to chirp,
A withdrawn dawn,
Raw war of skin to skin,
The shoddiest longest five minutes of all time,
He tore her soul, her living, her reason,
The guilt, the anger, the tears, she stabbed him,
And left..........

Just when i was ready to pop up with a Calculator

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Of Poets, Writers and Readers

Attention, attention! am also acquainted
with acrostic abecedarian attributeZ,
Bravo to us for blowing blank ink blots
with bold imagerY,
Creativity crowns the coated canvas with
the crafted lexis corteX,
Daredevils of pen/ dicing with
persona deathroW,
Enthralling euphoria entangled with
euphemistic emotions n' luV,
Flows flaunting the factual with a facade of
bravery in sitU,
Golden God given gifts utilized with great
gusto thou hasT,
Half-crazed with heartful in-depth
Inditing intelligence in white n' black, the
ink we prefeR,
Jotting in juxtaposition to justify poetic
justice even with letter Q,
Keenly n' kindly read our keys, knitted from
Liveried literati launching our love for
poetic lingO,
Mailing our muse magnifies us as magnates
of the writteN,
Notching up names n' notes from
nothingness we forM,
On site n' off site; One size fits alL,
Poetic license permits phantasm whilst
perfecting phrases with penless inK,
Quoth I, quitting is quite like quizzing on a
whole quire on which words end with a J,
Reading rhymes relay a rip roaring high
Sentimental sensations that sample skill
with a simple sigH,
Thoughts bleed with tact tightening the
talented taG,
Upholding untold utopia with the urge to
use pen snifF,
Vocals Vs verses; the new visagE,
Writing on a whim whets my appetite for
the written worD,
Xeroxing should be x'd out since originality
carves out logiC,
Yells of delight from all ye who yen for
artistry with the eye knoB,
Zeal n' zest be the zapper for zooming

The Merge: Quill of Divine Hope & Gift of Love for Write [Quill & Write]

And it was of a gift of hope
Of displayed thoughts so dope
Of purely guided strokes penned down by
the sharp nib of the
Bestowed talent from Him that conveys all

Ambidextrous when paired-magnetic
fusion indeed Insight on
spoke yet unheard smelt not felt,
penta-senses gathered to deeds
Love filled with divinity
Overflowing in bounty
measuring to infinity

Love so divine
To us- a passion blend so fine
Like the squares of three making nine
Vision of the slight touch on each forehead
Contemplating on the voice
informing of
preparation for the battle

Write on,
Write on till the very end refill your quill,
haste not,
don't erase to mend
Simple ammunition yet ever so powerful
Mere pen and pad...
but a single stroke makes them thoughtful

Write and Quill collided
Sparks of ideas ignited
Sketches formed excited
Portraits hoisted admired by all
Few comprehend others found it a gall
True gratitude for the gift
We stick on never quit,
from the pen never drift

With pure hopes
Chasing divine dreams
Amazons in a warfield
fighting on faithful
to the squad of the gift
Soaring high in the world of words
Having much love for the quill we grip in
our hands
And unceasingly we write
Till our quills lack ink,
To write we will