Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Of Poets, Writers and Readers

Attention, attention! am also acquainted
with acrostic abecedarian attributeZ,
Bravo to us for blowing blank ink blots
with bold imagerY,
Creativity crowns the coated canvas with
the crafted lexis corteX,
Daredevils of pen/ dicing with
persona deathroW,
Enthralling euphoria entangled with
euphemistic emotions n' luV,
Flows flaunting the factual with a facade of
bravery in sitU,
Golden God given gifts utilized with great
gusto thou hasT,
Half-crazed with heartful in-depth
Inditing intelligence in white n' black, the
ink we prefeR,
Jotting in juxtaposition to justify poetic
justice even with letter Q,
Keenly n' kindly read our keys, knitted from
Liveried literati launching our love for
poetic lingO,
Mailing our muse magnifies us as magnates
of the writteN,
Notching up names n' notes from
nothingness we forM,
On site n' off site; One size fits alL,
Poetic license permits phantasm whilst
perfecting phrases with penless inK,
Quoth I, quitting is quite like quizzing on a
whole quire on which words end with a J,
Reading rhymes relay a rip roaring high
Sentimental sensations that sample skill
with a simple sigH,
Thoughts bleed with tact tightening the
talented taG,
Upholding untold utopia with the urge to
use pen snifF,
Vocals Vs verses; the new visagE,
Writing on a whim whets my appetite for
the written worD,
Xeroxing should be x'd out since originality
carves out logiC,
Yells of delight from all ye who yen for
artistry with the eye knoB,
Zeal n' zest be the zapper for zooming


  1. it amazes at times what a mind can think.... props gal!

  2. then you sit down and ask yourself, what the heck was i thinking hehe thanx for passing by. Appreciated