Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Future Ex

"It's not you, it's me"
Say this to me
And i'll slap the hell out of your brain
For the stress you left on my chest, i harbour this much pain,

Show me a sign, are you out here?
Can you whisper back to my left ear
The three soft gentle words for the right to hear?

My warped sense of humor needs a place to hide that's near
Meet me halfway
Watch out for the stray bullets coming your way
Show me the password to your heart
I'll show you how to get aquainted to my hurt

Can you please not have hips or an ass
I have more than enough for the both of us
My odd interests; the reasons the 6month mark i shall not pass
An array of dishes; the cooking of pick-ons defines this Afro lass

The romantic pot you piss on will be yanked from right under you
I'm not designed for someone else, not that it's anything new
Fally does some things to my body
Endeavour to learn how to wind your waist mr somebody....

Or a life size picture of Fally will be stuck in our bedroom
Come sweep the effin* bug with the tethered broom
Thrilling riveting memories we've moulded with the tactful zoom
If that sex tape lands in the wrong hands... Can you spell out doom?

Tweet me back, show me your bucket list for this age
It escaped my memory that i was locked in fantasy's cage
Feed me wrappers or feed me tweets
We silently muffle moans that keep resonating from our heartbeats

The more you get all riled up about your football loses
The more i get all worn out from the silly willy doses
This extra baggage needed out of the window tosses
The thought of me as an addition is surely not a bed of roses

Our liason proved not to be a box of chocolate
Was stuck with you whilst blaming fate
I'm stronger coz i kept you around longer
Heard you rumor monger to keep your esteem stronger

I throw away the last of you- Garbage in Garbage out
Consequence now rips me off the least benefit of doubt
Now you know how it feels to chase wind around and about
Never wait on me, i'm the town's loathe tout

The weight in me has been lifted off my shoulders
Lend me back my heart to store it in loathe folders
My new found guilty pleasure -> tight toned rectus abdominis
Dear future Ex, please do not find me, adios!