Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Thirsting Mind

First glance, like you knew what you can do to my chill
First touch, I was eager for your deep erotic thrill
Pleasant presence of sexy that intended to pull me towards Mr. Undeniable
Hunger of a soul on edge, my mouth discovered the insatiable.

Earth took me back to the dark pockets of strangers in doubt
My craving was like glowing embers of scavenger in drought
Wetting erotic? I ached for the arch of your control
Sandy penetration? My thirsting mind was on a roll.

How soft my skin feels with a touch here a stroke there
How you cast a spell upon my well hung wayward heart, unfair
How I swim in your ocean of mental tides
Swirling in your vigour, oh the pleasurable rides

Does my tongue crush yours, take you to places we can only go together?
If we remove each layer of ourselves and take route into each other
Should I call you return my desire?
Does my touch awaken your every smouldering fire?

Trust my fingers to find the strings to my favorite instrument in the night
Lots in common, satisfied emotions don't put up a fight
You deftly climb the walls that enclose me to perfection
The flesh falls into a moment of weakness, carving emotion.

As our limbs melt into each other, are you thee one?
Still frames cannot capture that leaps on my face when I'm done
A place is set in the enchanting darkness, Immersed in streams of verse
More than words softly spoken, I lose myself in reverse.

Perhaps fantasies seem so real than reality
So let me dine there
Entrapped within the soft sheet whispers that cover my sanity
Let me Live there.


  1. Well written. I like.
    Nice imagery.

  2. Thanks guys for dropping by. appreciated

  3. You were gone for a while... and now, no one cares! awesome stuff Lila

  4. Nice piece. been waiting long time. Hope you back for keeps :)

    1. I hope I'm back too. baby steps but I'm getting there. thanx

  5. "...My craving was like glowing embers of scavenger in drought..." and "Trust my fingers to find the strings to my favorite instrument in the night..." are my favourite lines in this post! nice poetry, you never dissapoint mami! i hope this post means that you are back officially! missed ya bigtime!

  6. well I hope I'm back hehe. Kinda lazy to post but getting there. Thanx Noelle for checking it out.

  7. Thrilling. Bookmarked.